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Heating Services

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When it comes to cold winter months up north, you want a reliable heating system to keep you cozy and warm. We want to provide you peace of mind by providing a highly skilled and trained staff that is knowledgable in the services we provide. We only use quality products, so you don't have to worry if the job is done right. Gas-fired furnaces, electric air handlers, and air/water source heat pumps are some of the ways you can heat your home. These systems must be properly installed and maintained, this is where our skilled staff comes in. They will properly install any equipment into your home and sit down with you to ensure that you know the proper steps to take to maintain it.

Save Big on a New Heating System by Lindquist Plumbing in Green Bay Wisconsin

Heating Replacement and Installation

Sometimes it is just best to replace that old heating system due to costs and loss of efficiency. New heating systems are much more efficient and pay for themselves with savings of electricity and gas. Let the experts at Lindquist Plumbing show you the new heating systems available and how affordable they can be.

Heating Repair

Heaters always seem to stop working at the worst possible times, but that's what we're here for. We are prepped and ready to be able to take on any heating problems you may have. Our goal is to get your heat operating quickly, while ensuring that we are taking the proper steps to do so.

Thermostats and Zoning

The thermostat is the control to your entire home comfort system. Our experienced team will work with you to find exactly the right thermostat to fit your individual needs. We can provide you with any thermostat ranging from a basic manual one to an entire high tech home automation system. These can be operated from your smart phone.

Zoning systems use multiple thermostats to control the temperature in only certain areas. Zoning systems can help drastically save on energy consumpation, which saves you money.

Maintenance and Tune Ups

Your heating system should be inspected at least once a year to make sure that it is running at optimal efficiency. Gas furnaces need the heat exchange and CO detector inspected to protect you from devastating, if not fatal results. Electric air handlers and heat pumps need attention as well. The wiring can overheat causing issues that can be prevented by maintenance inspections. Heat pumps need the refrigerant levels and coils checked for peak performance.

Heating Repair and HVAC Installation

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