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When you're searching for a dependable and affordable plumbing system installation and repair service along with quality expertise and the best customer service in the area, call us at (920)-826-6344 or visit our contact us page to schedule an appointment. We have been offering a complete range of plumbing services to our customers for many years.

Emergency Plumbing

When a plumbing emergency arises, it needs to be taken care of immediately, so you need a dependable and quick service team to fix the problem. Whether the emergency is a burst pipe that causes home flooding, a clogged sewer line, or even a gas leak, we will be there. Our technicians are on call 24/7 and you can rely on us for fast response from our highly skilled team of liscensed professionals.

Fixture Installation and Repairs

Minor things like a leaking faucet can do hundreds of dollars of damage a year on your water bills. A faulty tap can also result in the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew. Anyone from our team of technicians can quickly and efficiently repair or replace a leaking faucet or any other plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and showers.

Water Filtration Systems

Unfiltered tap water can contain traces of many different harmful substances like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and pesticides. If exposed to high levels of these toxins you can easily develope sisease or damaged organs. By having a water filtration system installed by us you can virtually eliminate these toxins in your tap water to protect you and your family. After the installation of a water filtration system you will be able to notice a distinct difference in the taste of your water. It will be pure and taste clean and you will be able to use it in many different ways without worry.

Emergency Plumbing and Water Filtration Systems

Mid-State Supply Plumbing and HVAC
Ferguson Plumbing and HVAC

Some other Plumbing Services we offer are as follows:

• Water Heater Repairs
• Kitchen Plumbing
• Gas Line Repair & Installation
• Repiping
• Burst Pipe Repair
• Slab Leak Repair

• Shower & Tub Installation
• Backflow Testing & Certification
• Tankless Water Heaters
• Sump Pumps
• Clogged Toilet Repair

• Toilet Repair & Installation
• Boiler Installation & Repair
• Bathroom Remodeling
• Water Softeners
• Water Heaters

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Wisconsin MP# 247440
Michigan MP# 8112212

Lindquist Plumbing is a local area licensed plumber serving Brown County and the surrounding areas including the Wisconsin cities of Abrams WI 54101, Allouez WI 54301, Ashwaubenon WI 54304, 54313 Bellevue WI 54311, De Pere WI 54115, Denmark WI 54208, Green Bay WI 54229, 54301, 54302, 54303, 54304, 54305, 54306, 54307, Green Bay WI 54308, 54311, 54313, 54324, 54344, Greenleaf WI 54126, Hobart WI 54115, 54155, 54313, Howard WI 54303, 54313, Little Suamico WI 54141, Oconto Falls WI 54154, Oconto WI 54153, New Franken WI 54229, Oneida WI 54155, Pulaski WI 54162, Suamico WI 54173, and Wrightstown WI 54180.

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